The Susan Bach Foundation provides financial contributions for research projects dealing with psychosomatic problems, synchronistic phenomena and their creative expression.

The foundation board is responsible for assessing applications and awarding funding to research projects in the following areas:

  • Significance of constellating factors in the research of pathogenesis/disease management and resilience (use of creative strategies)
  • Influence of psychological factors on the progression of somatic diseases
  • Research into archetypal influences in the management of chronic diseases
  • Psychosomatics in palliative medicine
  • Trauma therapy in a Jungian context
  • Connections between quantum physics and depth psychology
  • Research into Jungian themes (e.g. theory of complexes, mindfulness and imagination, the inner child)
  • Research into topics of current relevance for society (environmental influences on the psyches of children, young people and adults, e.g. digitalisation, artificial intelligence)
  • Furtherance of current research into the effectiveness of psychotherapy

The foundation board defines research as all systematic investigation in pursuit of new findings, and the documentation and publishing thereof, in the above areas.

What we do not do:

  • Provide support for commercially oriented research
  • Provide funding to cover previously-incurred deficits
  • Respond to generic applications that are not personally addressed

In principle, rejected applications will not be reconsidered. As a general rule, decisions of the foundation board are not subject to appeal. There is no legal right to support from the Susan Bach Foundation.




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