About Us

The SUSAN BACH FOUNDATION was established in Zurich in 1990 by Susan Bach (1902 – 1995) herself.

The official documents state the aim of the foundation as follows:

“aiming at sponsorship and granting (funding for) research projects in the area of interdependency of psyche and matter, especially in psychosomatic and synchronistic phenomena (C.G.Jung)”.

The SUSAN BACH FOUNDATION operates under Swiss law, in the jurisdiction of the Kanton of Zurich by Amt für Berufliche Vorsorge und Stiftungsaufsicht (BVS), Zurich.

The foundation’s board consists of honorary members all of whom have a special connection to Analytical Psychology, to Psychosomatics and/or creative processes.

At the present moment (2015) the board consists of a president, a treasurer and five regular members.

In 2015 lic.phil. Katharina Casanova was elected president of the SUSAN BACH FOUNDATION.

Administration is done by a secretary on a paid- basis.